Foot Fetish Daily Video Updates

Ari Hardcore

Ari does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. She loves giving footjobs and blowjobs but that is not the only thing she likes. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Ari Sugar Feet

This video has it all. Self sucking, panty flossing, close ups of her feet and a fun twist....she dips her feet in sugar. How would you like to come home to this dessert. I don't think I have every seen sugar coated feet before!!

Ari Living Photos

We are so lucky Ari loves showing off her feet. You can tell she really does love her feet.

Ari Lotion Devotion

Everyone needs a little lotion devotion in their lives and Ari does not disappoint. She uses her toes to spread the lotion on her feet to make sure they are nice and smooth.

Meet Ari

Ari is a 24 year old and she has amazing legs and feet. She actually has a perfect body with a nice ass. We are very lucky she likes hamming it up for the camera. She gives us a little shoe dangle as she is taking her shoes off.

Sage Teller Hardcore

Blow jobs, foot jobs and fucking is what this is all about and her pussy is so tight. I love when she wraps her feet around his balls and squeezes. Then she gets on top and just grinds away. Wait until you see her lick that cum off her toes.

Sage Teller Tickle Tickle Feather Play

Are you ticklish? What about if Sage runs this little feather up your balls? She shows us she's ticklish all over as this feather goes all the places we wish we could go.

Sage Teller Flower Power Foot Play

Sage Teller shows us a little Aloha and uses her leis to give us a foot play segment. I just love seeing it wrapped up between those little toes.

Sage Teller Baby Oil Feet

Sage has such pretty little feet and she is all to happy to show them off to you. She wants you to look at every little detail so you know what you will be fucking later.

Meet Sage Teller

Sage Teller knows what she likes. She has an amazing mouth that I bet looks good wrapped around a cock.

Kitty Doll Hardcore

Kitty loves having sex with men and this really shows it. She wastes no time starting with stocking feet giving a footjob. But wait she wants to feel that dick on her bare feet. She plays up to the camera the whole time because she knows you are watching from home. You are going to love how she keeps looking over her shoulder to make eye contact with you while she is giving a blowjob.

Kitty Doll Foot Play

Kitty Doll starts playing with a glass ball and rolls it around her feet. She finishes with masturbation but we still get all the close up angles so we can see every detail.

Kitty Doll Living Photos

Kitty Doll shows us what a true Living Photos update looks like. Up close video of her feet just like you were taking a photo except she moves her feet in real time.

Kitty Doll Lotion Devotion

Kitty Doll treats us to a lotion devotion scene. We get some up close shots of her putting lotion all over her feet. Her feet are perfect with a light pink toe polish. After her feet are well coated with lotion she then shows us how she masturbates.

Meet Kitty Doll

Introducing 24 year old Kitty Doll. She is so cute and so tiny. She has amazing feet and her toes are painted a very light pink. She has pretty long toes and is quick to walk around for us. She wears a size 38 EU shoe which is a size 8 US. She also demonstrates how she gives a foot job.

Alice Klay Hardcore

Alice does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. She loves giving footjobs and blowjobs but that is not the only thing she likes.

Alice Klay Masturbation

Alice pulls out a lotion bottle, but wait she has on socks. Not for long she takes her socks off with her toes and then she smells her feet. Alice puts lotion all over her feet and rubs them together. It does not take long before her panties come off and she starts to masturbate for us.

Alice Klay Food Play

It is snack time and Alice decides it is better to play with your food than to eat it. She takes pretzels and puts her toes through them. She even leaves us one pretzel on her toe and she masturbates and shows us she can get herself off when she needs to.

Alice Klay Toe Sucking

Alice Klay gives us a treat with some panty flossing and toe sucking. That is when we find out she has a pierced tongue, oh that will make for some good blowjobs, I'm sure.

Meet Alice Klay

We are so delighted to have Alice Klay back on our site. She is a sweet 24 year old that have a very interesting voice. She does a nice shoe dangle for us before she removes her shoes to show us how she walks barefoot. She wears a size 36 EU shoe size. She has bright blue toe polish and she is so excited to show off her feet.

Alice Murkouski Such A Creamy Pussy

Alice's boyfriend comes over and does what you all want to do now. He takes off her shoes and starting her feet and working his way all the way up to that fine ass. Seeing a dick in her mouth and giving a footjob looking into his eyes, that's what it is all about. I knew she was going to have a wet pussy and you can see all her pussy juices flowing. Then she takes a big load of cum to her feet and takes time to play with it and rub it all in.

Alice Murkouski Lady In Red

Alice meets us in bed with a red nighty on. She shows us her pussy lips and they are spread out like a buffet. Watching her rub her clit and bringing herself to the edge is a pleasurable site for sure.

Alice Murkouski Chair Masturbation

We join Alice in a cute little blue skirt before she sits down and spreads her legs. Alice, once again masturbates for us but her we see her in the chair and it gives us a better view of her sweet shaved pussy.

Alice Murkouski Masturbation

Alice Murkouski show us her playful side. She is so cute and her feet are perfect, although a little dirty. I know some of you like dirty feet and natural toes so enjoy this fun clip.