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Tais Mercedez Masturbation

Tais lets us watch as she masturbates on a sofa. She is amazing and very vocal so get ready for how hard she is going to turn you on. How long will you last?

Tais Mercedez Banana Time

Tais decides she need to practice her footjob skills and what better way to do that when you don't have a cock around, you grab a banana. Here we get our first taste of how vocal she is. She is very good at howling, I bet you will enjoy this one.

Tais Mercedez Living Photos

Wait until you see that nice hairy pussy she is hiding between her legs. She loves to get footjob as she is quick to show you.

Meet Tais Mercedez

Tais Mercedez is so precious. She wears a size 33EU which is a size 3 1/2 American. I think this has to be one of the smallest feet we have had. She is 31 and damn, she looks good. Wait until you see that nice hairy pussy she is hiding between her legs. She loves to get footjob as she is quick to show you.

Vasya Sylvia Hardcore

Vasya does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Vasya Sylvia Lotion Devotion

Everyone needs a little lotion devotion in there lives and Vasya does not disappoint. She uses her toes to spread the lotion on her feet to make sure they are nice and smooth. Then once again we get to see those puffy nipples and cute little ass. She ends with an amazing masturbation and does get more vocal in this clip. You can hear the moistness of her pussy as she rubs it. Watch her toes curl as she reaches climax.

Vasya Sylvia Living Photos

In these living photos we stop to enjoy Vasya feet close up and we are able to just stare at them for a moment. We are treated with the added bonus of her masturbating while we get so close to her feet. You can tell it really turns her on.

Vasya Sylvia Masturbation

Vasya is so hot in this masturbation video. She starts off playing with a makeup brush, tickling her toes with it. Before long her fingers are finding their way between her legs. She is that most perfect puffy nipples that is so hard to stop staring at them.

Meet Vasya Sylvia

Vasya Sylvia is a 22 year old cutie with braces. She wears a size 37 EU (6.5) shoe and is 5'3" (162 cm). She shows us how sexy natural toe nails can look after she takes off her big boots. She demonstrates how she would give a foot job if you would want her to.

Chloe Way Hardcore

Chloe does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. She loves giving footjobs and blowjobs but that is not the only thing she likes. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Chloe Way Living Photos

In this living photos segment, Chole really gives it all she has to show you her feet and soles. Get up close and personal with Chole as she puts lotion on her feet and is happy to let you just stare if you want to.

Chloe Way Feet Pics

Chloe knows her boyfriend loves her feet so she takes snaps of them and send them over. But she also knows you like her feet too, so when she is done she puts on a show for you. Chloe knows why you are here and that is to see her masturbate. She does not disappoint, making sure you get a good look at her feet. Using her feet to show you how she would give you a footjob.

Chloe Way Toe Sucking

Chloe uses her feet to play with a makeup brush, then quickly undresses for us. Here, we get to admire her puffy nipples and her perfect ass. We get a close up view of her feet as she masturbates for us and shows us how she would do a footjob. Then, she starts to do some toe sucking and I bet you can only imagine that is your big cock being sucked by her pink lips.

Meet Chloe Way

Meet Chloe Way, a Russian bombshell that has amazing size 38 EU feet. She is 21 and have a perfect body. We are even fortunate enough to see a little shoe dangle with her black high heel shoes. She is new to the being a model, having only been doing it for one year. She has perfect puffy nipples which you do not see too often.

Dark Strawberry Hardcore

Well now, doesn't she look like to perfect wife in her Sunday dress. She is sitting so shy only for us to discover it only takes a second for her to spread her legs and show off the red hairy pussy. Don't let that pink hair fool you, she has a red hot hairy pussy under that dress and she loves to have it eaten.

Dark Strawberry Lotion Devotion

Lotion, lotion, and more lotion. Dark Strawberry wants to make sure her feet are as soft as possilbe for that foot job she is going to be giving later. We also get very good close up views of the bottoms of her feet in this video.

Dark Strawberry Masturbation

Dark Strawberry takes us into her bedroom for a fun time of masturbation. She is so vocal and intense, you will quickly fall in love with her hairy pussy.

Storytime With Dark Strawberry

Time for a little ASMR with Dark Strawberry while she turns the pages of a book with her feet. I was so excited to find out this woman is very vocal when she masturbates. Nothing is a bigger turn on then a woman who knows how to please herself. I can't wait to see her getting fucked. I wonder what kind of noises she will make then. Maybe she is quiter when someone else is around verses when she is doing it herself. Her hairy pussy is just an added bonus.

Meet Dark Strawberry

32 year old MILF Dark Strawberry, shows us you don't need to be young to have amazing feet. She walks around for us in high heels and then in bare feet. What a dream come true! She is 5 feet tall (155 cm) with a shoe size of 5 (34 eu). She is pretty tiny with a hair pussy. She does like to have anal sex, and the more often the better. For those of you that like dirty feet, well, her feet are a little dirty.

Elise Moon Hardcore

Elise shows us how good she is at giving footjobs in this scene. Elise gets taken in many different positions and she does go cross-eyed a few different times. Finally, she takes a load on top of her feet and we see how much she enjoys playing with all that cum.

Elise Moon Dildo Footjob

Elise Moon shows us exactly what she would did with a cock in between her feet with this pink dildo. Elise gives an amazing footjob as she caresses that silicone dick between her feet. Watch as she holds it between her feet as she rubs her pussy and gets to climax.

Elise Moon Masturbation

Elise takes us for an erotic ride as she masturbations right in front of us. She has a cute pair of glasses that she uses to floss her toes with and I have to admit it is kind of hot. The noises she makes is almost enough to send you over the edge before you even get started.

Elise Moon Pussy and Flowers

Elise plays with a bunch of roses and gives us great close ups of her feet. Elise can't keep her tongue in her mouth, which I guess it is a good thing when she has a cock in front of her. Wait until you see her go cross-eyed when she is masturbating, it is the cutest and oddest thing you have ever seen. I bet you would like to make her go crossed-eyed.

Meet Elise Moon

Meet Elise Moon, she is 22 years old and has amazing puffy nipples. Those are a rarity these days so we are always happy when they show up on our screen. Elise has perfect toes with yellow toe polish and she is more than happy to walk around to show us her perfect size 38 size feet. She is a little shy and does giggle from time to time which is super cute.