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Meet Luna Haze

Introducing Luna Haze this 23 year old beauty has size 6 shoe size so it will be interesting to see her giving a footjob with those tiny feet.

Lissa Miss Hardcore

They were supposed to be watching TV but Lissa Miss has a better idea. She starts to rub for stocking feet on her partners cock and things escalate from there. It seems Lissa Miss is turned on my hearing and watching her partner smell her feet. I wonder what they smell like? Then we get to see what it looks like to have your face right on her hairy pussy. I love how she puts her hand on his head to show him where to lick. She is so eager to give a foot job, blow job and let's not forget cumming all over her feet.

Lissa Miss Masturbation

Lissa Miss comes so hard in this video she has to cough. We see Lissa in a hot pink shirt and hot pants. I love the way she rubs her clit over her panties before she slips her hand in there and then takes them off. We once again get her see her hirsute pussy and wonder would it would be like to lick cum off of that hairy pussy.

Lissa Miss Hairy Pussy

Here we get to see the full beauty of Lissa Miss's hairy pussy. You can tell she is a little shy but she keeps her feet in frame of that gorgeous pussy so you can have a look at both pussy and feet at the same time. As she turns and puts her ass to the camera you get a nice view of her shaved lips, hairy upper pussy and her feet all in one shot. She is a moaner for sure, as she urges you on.

Lissa Miss Afternoon Delight

Who wants to study when you know you have a precious hairy package between your legs. You can hear how moist her pussy is as she moves her finger in out of her honey hole. Lissa Miss is not shy when it comes to giving herself the orgasm she deserves. The view of her turning her pussy to us as she has her heels out, looking at those shaved lips knowing that when you reach your hand down there she has a bush just waiting for you to pull on.

Meet Lissa Miss

Lissa Miss is a beautiful 21 year old and she wears a size 36, which is an American size 6. She is 5'6" and she has perfect flawless skin. She has been working as a model for about a year and she loves her job. Lissa Miss has perfect round breast and a lovely hairy pussy. We do not see hairy pussies on here very often but Lissa Miss is such a lovely treat we could not resist. When she turns around we see her perfect shaved lips but on top she has a hairy surprise for us. She likes to give foot jobs slowly to maximize the pleasure

Mena Carlisle Huge Load

Mena finally gets her wish and her toes in someone's mouth. Mena told you she had dry feet and now we get to seem them covered in spit while she uses her foot to keep his dick up to the task of fucking her. Mena gives such a sloppy blowjob you can hear the pop her mouth makes. Mena shows you just how good she can give a footjob. Her day is complete when she takes a huge load right on her feet. She is so impressed with the amount of cum on her feet she takes each one of her feet and licks the cum right off them., I don't think are feet are dry anymore.

Mena Carlisle Masturbation

Mean finally lets us get inside her panties. I love the way she whispers to me the whole time. She gives us a quick view of what she is going to look like giving a footjob which she loves to do. When she spreads her pussy it is so pink you will want to lick it right up. She even counts you down for you to cum so you can cum at the same time. Now that is my kind of woman.

Mena Carlisle Toe Sucking

We finally see Mena take her toes in her mouth and spit on her feet. She then rubs that spit in like it is lotion. You can see the spit just dripping from her toes as she uses her spit to make everything so wet. She then takes her panties off and pulls her toes up to her mouth so you can see her pink pussy as she pulls her toes right into her mouth. Unlike most models who has soft soles Mena is more than happy to point out the fact that she as dry, rough soles.

Mena Carlisle Virtual Footjob

Mena knows you are here just to see her feet and she is more than happy to show them to you. She lets us get up close to see her new pedicure and the fingernails to match. She says her soles are soft but her heels are rough and you know you like it. She wants you to floss your tongue right between all her toes. The talks you right through a footjob so you can play along.

Meet Mena Carlisle

Mena Carlisle has a lot to say to you. She tells us a few things about herself and shows us her perfect pussy, breast and amazing size 8 feet. She has a fancy pedicure that she is sure you will love. The soles of her feet are just as soft as the top as she explains to you how much she loves to have her feet worshiped.

Julia Red Hardcore

Oh to see this lovely creature laying in your bed when you come home from a hard day of work. Black heels and thigh high stockings. She is ready for you to take off her shoes, kiss her feet and worship her like the goddess she is. Your reward? An amazing foot job that will keep you thinking about getting back in her bed for days. She gives a footjob, a blowjob, lets you fuck her many different ways and lets you suck on her feet as much as you want. Then she takes you load all over her feet.

Julia Red Masturbation

This is what you want to see in your bed when you get home. Julia in a silk robe and blak high heels. If you stick around she will show you how she pleasures herself when you are at work. That is nothing sexier than a woman that knows how to please herself. She sucks her toes like she is sucking on your dick. Now you know why she is so good at sucking dick, because she gets pratice when she is getting herself off during the day.

Julia Red Toe Sucking

Julia Red walks on in a pair neutral colored high heels and quickly takes them off so we can see her pretty pink toes. Her white short set looks so good on her fair skins. She shows us her perfect toes as she puts little candies in between all of her toes. Just when you think it can't get any better she puts her toes right in her perfect, pink mouth and runs her tongue along her toes like she is licking your dick. Your treat for the day is seeing her spread her legs as she sucks on her toes.

Julia Red Lotion Devotion

Julia is such a sight for sore eyes. Her toes, arches, and soles are practically perfect. She gives us some good close up views of her feet as she pulls out the lotion bottle to give her feet a nice rub down. I love how she is so focused on her feet being soft so when she wraps them around your cock they are as smooth as possible.

Meet Julia Red

Meet Julia Red, she is 28 and wears a size 39 (7.5) in shoe. She is a Capricorn and loves to eat fast food. She loves to travel and loves where high heel shoes. She has amazing curves and puffy nipples. We are so lucky when we get models with puffy breasts because they are not a common thing. Her pussy is shaven so it gives us a better look at her puffy, meaty pussy lips. She loves to give footjobs and is very quick to give us a demonstration.

Sasha Paige Hardcore

Sasha is ready for her boyfriend to get home. As soon as he gets there she tells him her feet are aching to be sucked and her pussy wants to be fucked.

Sasha Paige Oohh And Aahh

Sasha let's us watch as she masturbates on the couch. She is might be quiet but she is pretty vocal giving us oohs and aahhs the whole way through. If you like your women quiet but with enough sound for you to know you are doing a good job Sasha, is the one for you. She is quiet but vocal. Have fun watching this one.

Sasha Paige Perfect Breasts

Sasha takes time to show us her perfect breasts before turning her attention to her natural toes. I love how she keeps looking right into the camera as she rubs her clit. She keeps her soles to the camera for a good while as she masturbates.

Sasha Paige A Dab Of Lotion

A dab of lotion makes everything, especially feet, smoother. Sasha puts a little lotion on her feet before she strips down to masturbate for you. We now see how cute and tight her pussy really is as she wets her fingers and rubs her clit. She is quiet shy which makes it even more desirable.

Meet Sasha Paige

Meet Sasha Paige, she is an 18 year old and she is very new to the business. She is eager to please and loves to walk around for us to look at her gorgeous nature toes. She wears a size 38 eu, (7 1/2) and is 165 cm (5'6"). She as been working as a model for 8 months and loves it.

Elizabeth Hardcore

Elizabeth is waiting for her boyfriend in a strappy heels and a red nighty. She is more than willing to please her man, as she sucks him off and lets him fuck her however he wants to. He cums on her feet and she adds some lotion in order to get is spread all over her feet. We get a long scene of her rubbing her feet with a combination of cum and lotion.

Elizabeth Masturbation

Elizabeth starts off with wet legs and black high heels, which is a little unusual I know, but don't worry this quickly turns into a masturbation video as we watch her strip down to a black bra and panties. Elizabeth also shows us she is a little flexible as she does some toe sucking before lubing up her pussy to show us how she likes to masturbate. We get a nice view from the back as she sits on her heels and rubs her pussy. She is very quite with only some low moaning but sometimes that is all you need.

Elizabeth Lotion Devotion

Elizabeth is where beige platform heels so show you how her legs look so long in high heels. We see really amazing shots of her ass resting on her heels and you get so see all the lines on her ass that the wicker chair left. She takes out the lotion and gives her feet a good rub down and completely coats them in lotion. This is an amazing scene with lots of close ups for those that love lotion devotion.