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Tiffany Mason
Tiffany Mason

Daisy Chain and Tiffany Mason Feet

Model: Tiffany Mason

Model: Daisy Chain

Release Date: 2017-09-16

There are pivotal moments in everyone's lives. For Daisy Chain, it was the moment she got to play with the feet of an exchange student named Katrina. The circumstances were such that Daisy knew that from that instance on she couldn't be sexually aroused unless she enjoyed the delicate foot of another woman. Enter Tiffany Mason, who knew the yellowed toenails of sweaty, unattractive men and never wanted to go there again. At this point, Tiffany was up for anything as long as it didn't involve the aroma of a man's jogging shoes for cash. Daisy was blunt concerning her needs; Tiffany was willing to listen. The fabulous Sapphic results are pictured here.

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