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Celeste Star
Celeste Star

Celeste Star Hardcore Remastered

Model: Celeste Star

Model: Roxy DeVille

Release Date: 2020-07-13

Let's see, how many times did Celeste cum in this movie? At least five times, probably more. I honestly lost track. And the hottest part was when I zoomed in for a close-up after she came and you could see her clit still twitching and vibrating like a little jumping bean! Roxy was just as pleasantly surprised by her hyper-orgasmic clit as I was, declaring to Celeste: "You are the proud owner of my favorite twat ever." I have to say thanks to one of our members, fdc123, for suggesting in the Forum that I have one of the girls use a strap-on in the doggy position, so we had two pairs of gorgeous bare soles on display. And Roxy, of course, insisted on getting foot-fucked by Celeste. What a slut. I love the high pitched whine she makes when cums this way. It had every dog in my neighborhood howling.

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