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Phoenix Ray

Phoenix Ray Foot Worship

Model: Phoenix Ray

Release Date: 2017-08-12

There's never a moment of rest when you're a red hot rock star, not even when your shift is over. There's always some rabid fan who's looking for an autograph or a phone call that can't be ignored or even sore feet that need to be rubbed. When you're a multi-tasking, intelligent and horny young starlet like Phoenix Ray, you find a way to make all of these things go away without really even trying. That rabid fan can be put to work licking and rubbing those sore feet. Sure, you don't know where his hands have been (or his mouth) but that's surely worth the risk when your feet need a rub. Phoenix does all of her best business when she has a stranger's cock between her feet; remember that when you give her a call!

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