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Lake Russell

Lake Russell masturbates

Model: Lake Russell

Release Date: 2013-12-28

Because of their, pardon the expression, lake-sized egos, some women are completely impervious to their flaws and shortcomings. Not so with Lake Russell who dazzles us with her display of down-to-earth personal qualities and showmanship not to mention the fact that she kicks off her shoes to tempt us to excruciating limits. At a moderate size 8.5, we're not talking Lake Erie or Lake Titicaca here, so you don't have to be ashamed that you're hiding behind closed doors jacking off to a female Big Foot. Lake's innate charms and sexiness might even be enough to get over the fact that the doctor just told you you've had a prostate eruption and need emergency surgery. Even if that were true, one last hot shot in the towel before you go under the knife would be the least that Lake could do for you. And here she does.

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