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India lotions her feet and masturbates

Model: India

Release Date: 2013-10-05

The first connections you ordinarily make when you hear the word India are muddy rivers, dysentery, emaciated oxen, snake charmers, blind beggars and Mahatmas in oversized diapers. But enough of the fun, travelogue stuff. Fortunately for us, India takes on a different connotation in the person of a hot, exotic 24 year-old porn lass who also goes by that name. Fortunately, too, for any man who makes her acquaintance, India's modest lifestyle doesn't require the lavish trappings of the Taj Mahal, so getting her to take her clothes off or remove her shoes is a relatively cheap negotiation, not requiring a Hindu's ransom. If your taste in ladies' feet hasn't visited exotic ports of call as yet, may we recommend India. The worst that can happen is that she'll show you how to perform a trick or two with your rope.

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