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Rosalie Ruiz

Meet Rosalie Ruiz

Model: Rosalie Ruiz

Release Date: 2011-02-14

Rosalie is a perky little nineteen-year-old Latina with nicely wrinkled size 7.5s. She's a shorty, standing in at 5'3", but she's got a killer ass and a pair of puffy B-cups that are obviously very tasty. You can tell they're tasty as her boyfriend has been munching on them and leaving some telltale marks that she's rather proud of. She confides that her boyfriend is in the dark when it comes to day at work, though; she hasn't shared with him that she's been shooting porn. Rosalie also tells us that she only started masturbating when she got into her current line of work. If you see her on the street, keep her adult identity on the DL; her friends and family are in the dark, but she's afraid that too many people are starting to see the light!

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