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Jana Jordan
Jana Jordan

Jana and Karlie Lesbian Foot Fetish

Model: Jana Jordan

Model: Karlie Montana

Release Date: 2011-02-12

Once in a while, you just feel like having more. You know the feeling. You go see a movie and order a giant tub of popcorn. Or you buy a fancy car with all the options and then some. There's an ineffable quality to this maddening desire for more. When you're a foot fan, and you want more, the best thing for you then would be what you see before you today. Not just two feet attached to one beautiful woman, but four gorgeous feet located at the end of some very glamorous getaway sticks. Karlie and Jana would like to invite you in for a little "more" time today. If you can tear yourself away from their toes for a moment, you may even notice Karlie using her favorite toy on Jana. And if you don't catch it the first time, you can always go back for more!

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