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Alexis Love

Alexis Love Poolside Sex

Model: Alexis Love

Release Date: 2019-06-23

Alexis Love's the kind of woman who instills in you an intense desire to remove her shoes and ankle socks. Once you get to that stage of foreplay, you'll discover that Alexis can perform tricks with the combined medley of her toes and arches few women can. This will come as good news for frequent masturbators who often get "jerked out"- a condition resulting from too frequent attempts at relieving themselves. In which case, views of Alexis in action have been scientifically proven to remedy that condition. We're not guaranteeing the same results with this vid, however Alexis has been a reliable go-to girl in the past and there's no reason to suspect she won't come through again in the clutch. Our prescription? View as directed, but avoid operating heavy machinery for at least one hour after.

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