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Jasmine Wilde Self Sucking

Jasmine shows us what is really like when you suck your own toes. She loves feet and you can tell by how much pleasure she gives herself sucking her own toes. Can you imagine if that was your cock she was sucking on with all that spit? She is not shy about getting down and dirty.

Jasmine Wilde Spit Covered Feet

Damn, Jasmine has a lot of spit in her mouth and she is not afraid to get it all over her feet. She spits in her hand and rubs it all over her feet making them really shiny and slippery. I will let you in on a secret. She does use all that spit for a blowjob later. You can only imagine how wet and sloppy that blowjob is going to be. We get

Meet Jasmine Wilde

Meet Jasmine Wilde she is an amazing 23 year old with a size 7 shoe. She grew up outside of Boston she you hear a little of that accent. She loves to dress up but also like to pretend she is a bimbo. She has amazing green eye and they are shaped so beautifully. She describes her idea of a first date with her and that is when we find out this gorgeous creature is a Vegan. She loves to worship feet but the kicker is she loves to worship men's feet.

Vicky Golden Hardcore

Seeing a dick in her mouth and giving a footjob looking into his eyes, that's what it is all about. I knew she was going to have a wet pussy and you can see all her pussy juices flowing. Then she takes a big load of cum to her feet and takes time to play with it and rub it all in.

Vicky Golden Masturbation

Vicky surprises us again with her purple plaid and pleated skort. If you don't know what this is, it is a skirt in the front and shorts in the back, the best of both worlds for sure. We get to see her perfectly manicured toes and soft soles. She pulls of her top and skirt to reveal a white bra and panty set. Once she has her panties off she quickly moves to rubbing her clit to see if she can bring herself to orgasm. She does not forget about her feet though, as she is rubbing her clit she also rubs her feet to show us how she likes it. Do you notice the gap between her big toe and first toe?

Vicky Golden Sweet Toes

Vicky pulls out some round sugar candies and her toes become sweet toes. I bet you would love to lick all that sugar off her toes. We get great views of the bottom of her toes and her pussy and she shows us the bottom of her feet raised high above her pussy. That pink color on her toes reminds me bubble gum.

Vicky Golden Close Up Toes

Vicky lets us get super close to her toes and the bottom of her soft soles in this clip. Vicky starts off in the cute dress and high heel shoes before she takes everything off and grabs a flower to rub all over her feet. As she takes off her dress we see her pretty pink and see-through panties and that match her toes. We also get an upshot of her flossing her panties as she takes them off.

Meet Vicky Golden

Meet Vicky Golden who is 25 years old with size 39 feet. She shows us how she walks in her super high stripper heels, that are clear on top so you can see her feet while she has them one. She shows up to set with beautiful manicured feet with pink nail polish. Here feet look so beautiful and that soles of her feet are so smooth. She likes modeling because she likes all the attention and she loves to be watched.

Parish Mulan Hardcore

Parish's boyfriend comes over and does what you all want to do now. He takes off her shoes and starting her feet and working his way all the way up to that fine ass. Seeing a dick in her mouth and giving a footjob looking into his eyes, that's what it is all about. I knew she was going to have a wet pussy and you can see all her pussy juices flowing. Then she takes a big load of cum to her feet and takes time to play with it and rub it all in.

Parish Mulan Masturbation

We get to join Parish in bed this time. She is dressed in a sexy black teddy and her legs are already spreading. Parish unsnaps her teddy and shows us her pussy lips and they are spread out like a buffet. Watching her rub her clit and bringing herself to the edge is a pleasurable site for sure.

Parish Mulan Rosey Feet

Parish has a walk around the kitchen before she climbs on the counter and gives us amazing close-ups of her feet. Here you can see how smooth and soft looking her feet are. Her soles look like they would feel like butter moving up on and down on your cock. Again, we see her amazing pussy lips peaking out from between her legs. Wait until the end when you see all those pussy juices dripping.

Parish Mulan Oily Feet

What makes the world go 'round? FEET!! At least, according to Parish Mulan. She decides if you can't own the world you can walk all over it. Her toes and skin is simply amazing, and is begging to be touched. She pulls out the oil and we get our first look at what her toes are going to look like covered in cum. Ass and soles up is a vision I will always appreciate. What do I spy when she opens her legs? Perfect butterfly lips.

Meet Parish Mulan

Parish Mulan is a tanned 26 year old with amazing natural feet. She wears a size 38 and has decided to show us her toes without any polish on them. She has beautiful long hair, perky, small tits and soft, flawless skin.

Margo Watsen Whip Cream Toes

Margo once again, shows us how sexy lingerie can be, this time in all black. Margo takes us to the kitchen to show us what is for dessert. Whipped cream toes just for you to lick. We get the added treat of Margo licking the whipped cream off her own toes.

Margo Watsen Toy Masturbation

Leather pants, a see through lace bra, and a vibrator, Margo brings it all this time. Margo does a nice strip tease by taking off her bra and flossing it between her toes before tossing it to the floor. After she is completely naked she pulls out a pink vibrator and cums so hard she is hardly able to keep her legs open.

Margo Watsen Oily Feet

Margo's innocent eyes are what gets me worked up. When she looks straight at me when she is rubbing oil on her feet, it is like she is right there in my bed waiting for me. I love the way she uses her bra to play with her feet after she takes it off.

Margo Watsen Candy Toes

Margo looks amazing in white, as she shows us her white bra and panties with a pair of heels. This is the way you want to be greeted when you come home from work. Margo has a plate of hard candy what she plays with and puts them between her toes. You see her put those candies right in between each of her toes and it is such a turn on. When she spreads her legs to eat the candy out of her toes really pushes me over the edge.

Margo Watsen White Lingerie

Margo shows up in white lingerie and gives us a nice view of her perfectly shaved pussy. Margo has it all, perfectly shaved pussy, small breasts, and amazing feet. Margo rubs her pussy for us until she cums and we could not ask for any more.

Meet Margo Watsen

Oh hello Margo. You such amazing long toes and perfect skin. She has the most perfect natural toes, long legs, and size 6 1/2 shoe. She gets a pedicure every week but she does not get her toes painted. We also find out that her boyfriend has a foot fetish so I have high hopes about how he displays her feet for us. She wants you for you more hot pussies. Now that is a wish I could get behind.

Kim Toy Hardcore

Kim makes you feel like she has waiting her whole life for your cock. The way she moans when you pump your cock between her feet. She moves her hips back and forth when you are fucking her to saw you how much she wants it. When you see views of her pussy dripping wet you realize she really wants you. She gets so turned on when you shoot your cum load all over her feet and then she rubs it all into the soles of her feet. Her feet are perfect and to see them shiny, covered in cum is really the icing on the cake.

Kim Toy Oily Feet

Kim shows up in a cute little dress and high heel shoes again. She does love high heels. This time she has brough a little bottle of oil with her. She starts off by giving us a look at that amazing pussy and a little tease of what is to come. Amazing views with both her feet and pussy in the shot so we can see all over her best qualities at once. We are then treated to some toe sucking before she gets her feet shiny and oily. Sher slight gasps as she puts the oily on her feet will only turn you on more.

Kim Toy Toe Sucking

Kim's shows up in black strappy heels and an unbuttoned shirt. She slowly takes off her shoes to show you close ups to the top and bottoms of her amazing feet. She takes off her cut off jean shorts before she begins to put her toes in her mouth. She takes long licks of her toes making sure to get them top to bottom. She spreads her legs and we see that perfect pussy she has between her legs. Just when you thought you could not take anymore she pulls out an orange to roll around with her feet.

Kim Toy Fishnets and Wet Pussy

I love a woman in fishnet stockings. Kim does not disappoint with her white fishnets thigh highs. Dressed in all white to give us the feeling she is innocence. But don't let her fool you. When she spreads her legs and you see her sopping wet pussy, you will know she is ready to take any size cock you throw at her.

Meet Kim Toy

Say hello to this 32 year old Russian beauty. She loves to wear high heels because she believes it makes her legs look long and sexy. She has petite feet, size 6, and beautiful long toes. Wait until you see that wet pussy between her legs. She is hiding surprises up that very short skirt. She has amazing butterfly lips, looks like she has a piece of bubble gum stuck right between her legs, and you can see the wetness of her pussy before she even touches herself. You can tell she enjoys you watching her.