Foot Fetish Daily Video Updates

Meet Alice Murkouski

Alice Murkouski is 21 years old and has amazing feet. She shows us how she walks in her high heels and damn her legs are amazing. She gives us a little shoe dangle and walks barefoot for us.

Sia Florence Creamy Hardcore

Sia is so creamy when she is getting fucked. You can see her pussy from all different angles including reverse cowgirl. Sia takes load of cum all over her feet.

Sia Florence Feet Pics

Sia takes our her camera to take a couple feet pics. I wonder what luck guy is going to get those feet pics? No need to guess because it is you.

Sia Florence Lotion Devotion

Oh lotion on natural toes.....can you get more pure than that? Sia lets us get so close to her feet while she rubs lotion all over her toes. She gets us all worked up and then she masturbates with us.

Sia Florence Natural Toes

This is for all those natural toes lovers out there. It is not often we get no polish on the toes but man Sia is here to fill that need. She is the most perfect toes and we get a nice view of them in this masturbation scene. You will also love she have some deep wrinkles on her soles.

Meet Sia Florence

Meet Sia Florence, she is a 23 year old blonde with amazing feet. What makes her even more special is her toes are not painted and you will be glad for it. She does a little shoe dangle for us in this clip her with her size 36 EU feet. Oh and let's not forget to mention the double pierced nipples.

Shakizza Girl Girl Hardcore

What is better than one pair of amazing feet? Two! Oh yes, we have a girl girl scene and we get to worship two sets of feet at the same time. We get to see Shakkiza suck on Sofia's feet before they pull out a dildo and start fucking each other with it.

Shakizza Wild Cat Lingerie

Shakkiza brings back hot lingerie in this video. She shows us what a hot mature woman brings to the bedroom. We see her feet covered in black thigh high stocckings and she even sucks on her toes through the stockings.

Shakizza Dildo Foot Play

Shakkiza has a flesh colored dildo and she is quick to put it between her arches. We get great shots of it between her feet and in her wet pussy.

Shakizza Baby Oil Feet

Shakkiza shows us what her feet look like covered in baby oil. We are so excited to have this mature woman back on our sites. She has amazing feet and she shows us how she would give a foot job with a dildo.

Meet Shakizza

Shakizza is back again and she told us she has always had a fantasy of a beautiful girl sucking on her soft toes. Well Shakizza here at FootFetishDaily we try to make everyone's fantasies come true.

Milka Way Hardcore

Milka Way shows us just how much she likes giving foot jobs. We get to see her in several different positions as she fucks her man in this scene. If you look closely you can see just how juicy her pussy gets as she fucks him. To finish is all of she takes a big load of cum right on those pink painted toes.

Milka Way Masturbation

Milka Way does not disappoint. She takes her hair clip out of her hair starts clipping it to her toes and the soles of her feet. When she gets bored with that she starts to masturbate on the cushions. She takes herself all the way to climax and then with get and extra treat. They kept the camera rolling so we get to see her put her white stockings back on. What a turn on.

Milka Way Clean Feet

Milka Way packs a lot into this video. White stockings, washing her feet with wipes, close ups, flossing, and toe sucking. She is amazing and she will leave you wanting more.

Milka Way Pretty In Pink

Milka Way's skink does look Milky White in this hot pint outfit. You will be pleased when you see her reach for the lotion and rubs some all over her legs and feet. You will love the close ups of her pink toe polish and as she masturbates you get to admire just how perfect her skin is.

Meet Milka Way

Meet Milka Way she may not speak much English but she is more than willing to show us her perfect feet. She is 23 years old and wears a size 38 EU (7.5) and is 170 cm (5'5") tall. She has ben a model for 2 years and as you can tell she takes very good care of her feet.

Nikky B Hardcore

Every one loves a little lotion, at least we do here. Nikky rubs lotion on her feet and gives us some close up views of her purple painted toes. I think it has been a very long time since we have seen purple to polish.

Nikky B Lotion Devotion

Every one loves a little lotion, at least we do here. Nikky rubs lotion on her feet and gives us some close up views of her purple painted toes. I think it has been a very long time since we have seen purple to polish.

Nikky B Masturbation

Nikky gives us just what we are looking for. Nikky shows us her bright purple toes and quickly gets undressed to masturbate for us.

Nikky B Showing Off

Nikky B shows us how she paints her toes before letting us get a very close look at her purple toe polish. If that was not enough, Nikky takes a moment to masturbate for us so we get a taste of what she likes.

Meet Nikky B

Nikky B is a 33 year old hottie and man does she know what we want. She wears a 7 1/2 shoe and she wastes no time showing us how she walks in her nude high heels. After she sits down she does not miss the opportunity to give us a very nice shoe dangle. She has an amazing ass and you will not be disappointed with her. Thank Nikky for coming to our site.

Loli Pop Hardcore

Loli really loves to have her feet worshipped. This chick is a talker for sure. She is so vocal and tells you exactly what she wants. She love feeling that dick between her toes and lets you know about it.

Loli Pop Masturbation

Loli Pop takes us in the bedroom to show us how she likes to masturbate. Loli masturbates in all different positions so you get all the best angles.

Loli Pop Food Play

We were always told not to play with our food, but we can do what we want now. Loli Pop shows us she likes breaking the rules and loves playing with her food.