Foot Fetish Daily Video Updates

Sunny May Masturbation

In this masturbation video we get our first good look at Sunny's sweet treasure box and she does not disappoint. She is quite vocal so you know exactly when she cums.

Sunny May Lotion Devotion

Oh how we love lotion devotion videos, and she does not disappoint. She is in a cute little yellow sundress that looks amazing on her and when she takes it off she reveals a cute pair of pink lace underwear. With perky tits and a shaved pussy she is quickly becoming our dream girl.

Sunny May So Flexible

We see Sunny May in the cutest booty shorts as she lays in bed stretching her legs. She is pretty flexible and we see some great angles of her sweet box as she does some toe sucking for us.

Meet Sunny May

Sunny Mae is so cute and damn that girl has some nice legs. She does treat us to a nice shoe dangle before taking her shoes off. She wears a size 32 EU shoes and is 25 years old. She does show us how she walks and she walks on her toes the whole time. What does she do for fun? She gives herself massages and masturbates! Sounds fun to me.

Kira Hardcore

We in for a treat with this one. Kira is very vocal as you have seen from her other clips but she gets even more excited when she has a cock in her pussy. We see Kira from many different angels one of them being reverse cowgirl which we know you love. We get to see her pussy with a dick in it and her feet at the same time. Enjoy!!

Kira Cute Glasses

Kira looks so cute in her glasses but she looks even cuter when she plays with them with her feet. You will love how she uses her toes to play with the arms of the glasses. Best of all when she gets bored playing with the glasses she puts on a masturbation show that will leave you more than satisfied.

Kira Rubber Cock Foot Job

Kira shows us how she would give a foot job with the rubber cock. She goes a great job jerking it off with the arches of her feet. So much so she turns herself on and before you know it she is masturbating while hold the cock with her feet.

Kira Masturbation

Kira is so vocal and it is such a turn on. Can you imagine your cock sliding into her and her making all those noises. We get some good close ups of her perfect toes. They are painted black but it works for her. The soles of her feet are also so smooth, she probably lotions up her feet every night.

Meet Kira

Oh Kira, you are a dream come true. Kira is 30 years old and is so happy to be here with us. She starts off with some amazing high heels shoes and she does a shoe dangle for us with both shoes. Of course she walks around barefoot so e can see those arches. Also at the end she is gives us great close up views of the bottoms of her feet. Thank Kira, it is great to have you here.

Alexis Wilson Hardcore

Alexis finally gets what she wants, a big dick in her meaty lips. She shows us what it would like to be in bed with her. She will ride you like a horse, give you a footjob, blowjob, handjob, and let you cum all over her feet. She rubs that cum all over her feet and legs to use it as moisturizer to keep her skin soft.

Alexis Wilson Lotion Devotion

One of my favorite kinds of videos, where they rub lotion all over their feet. Alexis does not disappoint with her lotion devotion as she uses a lot of lotion. I just imagine how soft her feet are and how they would feel giving a footjob. Soft soles make for good foot jobs. She does have an incredible body.

Alexis Wilson Masturbation

Alexis lets us watch as she masturbates in a chair. She puts her feet on the arms of the chair so we get a perfect view of her pussy and the soles of her feet. Is that is not enough she puts rose petals on the floor and crushes them with her feet.

Alexis Wilson Footsie Play

Watch as Alexi turns pages of a book and uses her feet to play with an alarm clock. She uses her toes to set the time on the clock. We do get amazing views of her shaved pussy as she masturbates for us. She it is a spit fire for sure.

Meet Alexis Wilson

Say hello to Alexis Wilson, she is 19 and so precious. She is not shy at all and has the cutest vocal frye. I love it when she takes her socks off using her toes. I don't think I have seen that before. She is sporting nude colored toe polish and has size 38 EU. When she takes off her shirt you see her amazing breast, they have a perfect tear drop shape.

Crazy Lisa Hardcore

Starting off with a footjob is always a good sign. Watch Lisa as she gives an amazing footjob and blowjob, all the while keeping those toes pointed for us. You will be happy to see she takes a load of cum right on top of those pointed toes.

Crazy Lisa Morning Masturbation

How you would like to wake up to this lovely woman sitting at your breakfast table? Lisa is here to greet you with a glass of juice and a wet pussy. Watch as she brings herself to orgasm right at the breakfast table.

Crazy Lisa Lotion Devotion

This clip starts with Crazy Lisa putting lotion on her perfect toes and legs. Under those clothes hides perfect breasts and a very fat pussy. She may be new but she knows how to point those toes and keep them in perfect frame with her pussy.

Crazy Lisa Fat Pussy

Crazy Lisa may only be 18 but she knows what we come here to see, beautiful natural toes. She knows how to make sure we can see her feet as she masturbates on a chair for us.

Meet Crazy Lisa

Crazy Lisa is 18 years old and so cute. She wears a 41.5 (size 11) and has been a model for one week. We are so lucky to have her on the size and she probably has some of the biggest feet we have seen in a while. She is so eager to show us every inch of her body and is very excited to show us how she is going to give a foot job.

Regina Rich Masturbation

Regina gives us a double dose of masturbation in lei of a hardcore. Regina finds the perfect spot to masturbate and she has a table to put her feet on so we can see the undersides of her feet at the perfect angle. We get a look at her soles as she cums.

Regina Rich Chair Masturbating

Regina finds the perfect spot to masturbate and she has a table to put her feet on so we can see the undersides of her feet at the perfect angle. We get a look at her soles as she cums.

Regina Rich Nude Stockings

I love a good pair of nude stockings and Regina does not disappoint. She is wearing nude thigh high stockings, that is just the best. Imagine coming home to her in your bed.

Regina Rich Bead Flossing

Here we see Regina doing some flossing with a bead necklace. She grabs it with her toes and wraps it around her feet. I would buy her necklaces every day to see her doing some feet flossing. We also get the added bonus of her masturbating while she is holding the necklace with her toes.

Meet Regina Rich

Regina Rich is a 21 year old newbie, having only modeled for a couple months. She does love the attention and you can certainly tell. She quickly shows you how she would give a footjob and she says she likes to do it fast. She starts her meet with a pair of thigh high stockings but don't worry she takes them off so you can see her lovely feet. Unlike other models she gives us a taste of masturbation in her meet video. Oh, wait until you see her lips and I am not talking about the lips on her face. JUICY!!!