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Little Elyzabeth Toe Curling Fuck

Feet up in the air, that is the way she likes to be fucked. Elyzabeth gets fucked so hard you see her cream come out of her when they change positions. Pointing her toes at the camera she is fucked and her clit rubbed at the same to make sure she gets as much out of it as her partner. She takes a load all over her feet and she is not shy about rubbing it all in. Just like the lotion she rubs it all over her feet and legs. A woman does need a good moisturizer.

Little Elyzabeth Self Sucking

Elyzabeth loads her feet up with lotion and then rubs it in really well. You can see all the detail and arches of her feet as we get close to her feet while she massages them. She starts to masturbated and pulls her foot up to her mouth and starts sucking on her toes. She gets so turned on sucking her feet she has a very vocal orgasm just for you.

Little Elyzabeth Crushing Dried Flowers

Elyzabeth tries to read a book but quickly gets sidetracked by her desire to touch her amazing legs and feet. When what does she spy with her little eye, a flower that would feel amazing if she would glide it across her ivory skin. Watch as she puts a flower between her toes of her soft fee. Is she ticklish? I guess you will have to watch and find out? Watch as she crushes all the flowers under her bare feet.

Little Elyzabeth Lotion Devotion

We get to take a look at Elyzabeth getting ready. Putting on make-up, using a jade roller up and down her legs, and rubbing lotion all over her legs. She has such soft looking skin, just think about those legs wrapped right around your head as you eat out her creamy pussy. She begins to massage the lotion in the tops and soles of her feet making sure she keeps them extra soft for you. I guess she figured if the jade roller felt good on her legs, little stones would feel amazing on the bottoms of her feet. She also makes the perfect sized bowl with the soles of her feet to put all the stones in.

Meet Little Elyzabeth

With a size 6 1/2 shoe size her tiny feet are still able to wrap around you cock. Elyzabeth has perfectly round breasts and beautiful unpolished toes. She puts her shoes back on to give us a quick demonstration on how she would give you the perfect footjob. Her favorite position to have sex is with her feet on your shoulders, a foot lovers dream, so you can fuck her and suck her feet at the same time. By the way, she is pretty flexible.

Maya Morgan Hardcore

Maya knows how to please her man. Foot job, blow job and letting him cum all over her feet. She just can't stop looking at it all over the tops of her feet and toes.

Maya Morgan Lilac Toes

In this scene we see Maya's lovely lilac toes while she satisfies herself. We also get to see Maya sucking on her own toes and splaying her toes out as far as she can. She turns around in the chair and gives us a view of her pussy and the bottoms of her feet as she squeezes her toes so tight.

Maya Morgan Office Masturbation

When Maya plays with her feet she gets so turned on. She's not able to focus on work at all until she get one off.

Maya Morgan Knee High Socks

Maya is showing off those high arches and flexibility. Looking at the soles of her feet you can tell she does indeed walk around barefoot all the time.

Meet Maya Morgan

Maya is a very petite woman with amazing feet. She gives us a demonstration of how she would do a foot job and her face is very intense while she does this, you can tell she really wants to do a good job. She tells you she likes to have sex with women but her juicy pussy tells us she likes all the men watching her. When we get a close up view of her feet you can tell her soles are very smooth and she can splay her toes very well.

Verossa Pink Masturbation

Verossa really loves stockings but it is so nice when she takes them off. When she gets herself off I just want to lick up all those juices. Once again she reminds us how flexible she is by having flipping over and using her pink toy from behind.

Verossa Clit Stimulation

Verossa looks so good in all white I might just have to marry her one day. One look at her wet with excitement seals the deal. As she strips down she pulls out her pink vibrator and gives us a show.

Verossa Panty Flossing

Verossa starts out in some little daisy dukes before slipping out of them to give us a view of her wet pussy. As she slips her panties down she gives them a good floss between her toes. She gets her feet all tangled up, can you help her?

Verossa Foot Massage

Verossa thinks her feet are a little dry. While trying to lotion up she gets a little distracted and a little horny. She runs her tongue across the arches of her foot and you can see her get wetter.

Meet Verossa

Verossa starts off in a hot little red dress as she tells us a little about herself. As she slips off her black stockings she rubs along her arches and toes. Get close-up views of her fire-engine red painted toenails. Black thigh highs and high heels, what more could you ask for?

Feral Flowers Blue Vibrator

She's been aching all day to get home and get one-off. She uses her foot to push her little blue toy right into her wet pussy. She holds her toy with her feet as she uses her mouth to suck it off. Don't you wish it was your dick instead?

Feral Flowers Shower Time

Are you ready for soapy toes? Who doesn't love a good pair of clean feet to suck and kiss on? Take a peek behind the curtain as you watch Feral take a shower to make sure her feet are clean for that footjob she is going to give you later.

Feral Flowers Under Glass

Feral Flowers starts off in a green tank and bootie shorts but don't worry those come off quickly to reveal her pink lacey panties. We get a nice view of her soles from the underside of a glass table as she presses her feet against the tabletop to show off her nice arches. To top it all off she flosses her toes with her panties and even gives us a little foot licking.

Feral Flowers Kitchen Time

Feral takes us in the kitchen where you can dream of eating her pussy and licking those amazing feet. She teases you a while as she keeps her ankle socks one while showing you her high arches. The fun really begins as she starts to undress and beautiful shots of her soles come into view. She shows us just how far she can get up on her tippy toes before sitting on the counter to give you a nice view of her feet and pussy while she masturbates for you. If you look closely you can see bits of dirt on her feet that need to be licked off.

Meet Feral Flowers

Feral Flowers is 26 years old, 5 foot 5 inches and wears a size 7 (38 EU). Feral shows you that she is a pro at walking in high heels and wait until she takes off that green dress and shows you her ass. She puts her soles together so perfectly, you can just imagine your cock right between her feet jerking you off. With black toenail polish and a perfect pedicure, you will be watching her for days.

Blue Wave Hardcore

it's finally time for all of Blue's dreams to come true. All she wants is a man who can give her all the attention she desires, from her head to her toes...

Blue Wave Masturbation

This girl just doesn't know how to keep her hands off herself. How does she go about her normal day when she's this horny all the time?

Hot Pink Masturbation

Blue Wave just can't stop slipping her clothes off when we're around.

Blue Wave Shower

We just needed to see what Blue Wave would look like all wet in her natural environment.