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Ally Kay

Ally Kay Hardcore

Model: Ally Kay

Release Date: 2019-09-15

"Yo, Ally, I'm proud of you and Ima let you finish, but Brute Michaels is the hardest rocker of all time!" And with that the aging rocker and reality TV superstar Brute Michaels interrupts Ally Kay during her award acceptance speech. To no one's surprise, Ally takes matters into her own hands and punishes him for his interruption. She feeds him her size 7.5 feet for starters, and then tries to smother his loud mouth with her bald pussy. Brute immediately tries to swallow that delicious piece of bubble gum she's hiding between her thighs. Surprised to find that the rocker is emotionally vulnerable, she eases his existential pain with the soft soles of her feet by way of a killer foot job. But Ally doesn't stop there; she quickly pulls out Brute's cock and discovers what stale fame tastes like. Then he spins her around and slides his cock into her tiny waiting pussy. Despite appearances, she has no problem accommodating his large tool and eagerly accepts him deep inside. However, she isn't prepared for the superstar pounding he gives her and quickly finds herself gasping for breath as she rides him. He may be an old dog, but he has some new tricks for Ally, and continues to rock her world from every angle. Brute likes the flavor of her toes and takes them for another taste test before laying down a thick rope of hard rockin' man milk across her pretty feet. Ally gets to keep her award in the end, of course, just as she gets to keep the sticky reminder of rock and roll greatness sprayed across her toes!

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