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Ally Kay

Meet Ally Kay

Model: Ally Kay

Release Date: 2019-08-31

This cute little gigglebox comes to us from the mountains of Colorado, and brings her size 7.5's with her. At 5'5" she has a surprisingly supple ass that looks like it needs to be squeezed, but with her Greek heritage this is not a complete surprise. She also has the tiniest, cutest little pair of tits I've seen in a while; you can bite and squeeze 'em but there will be NO pinching! She is currently living with another recent FFD alum, Victoria White. Sadly, Ally is not a fan of girl-girl partying when she's not in front of a camera, so we'll just have to imagine what that clash of the foot titans would be like. Most importantly, Ally lets us in on a secret: while she has a clinically small vagina, she likes her dicks to be big. If you aren't swinging 9" you better find a new league!

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