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April O'Neil
April O'Neil

April O'Neil Hardcore Remastered

Model: April O'Neil

Model: Marlena Mason

Release Date: 2020-06-17

April is half Mexican with size 5.5 feet, and Marlena is half Chilean with size 6 feet. April has big, perfect breasts, while Marlena has the highest arches this side of Roxy DeVille. Sounds like a perfect match-up for a girl/girl scene huh? After eating some "funny" brownies, the girls share a first, shy kiss. Then they slowly explore each other's soft, warm bodies. Their wet pussies accommodate big toes and bigger dildoes, and it's hot to see how each girl's foot curls up differently during orgasm. Afterwards, they break out the oil and do a little foot-on-foot massage. By the time it's done, you'll be the one whose head is spinning!

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