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Dahlia Denyle

Dahlia Denyle Hardcore Remastered

Model: Dahlia Denyle

Release Date: 2020-05-24

Steven St. Croix is going to Palestine, so he's called in a "cultural consultant" to make sure he knows how to behave in the country. Dahlia sets him straight on a lot of things. The two of them demonstrate all of the things that you won't ever be able to do with a Palestinian girl - but which you thankfully can do with a half-Palestinian slut in the good old U.S. of A! As you know by now, Dahlia loves getting her toes sucked, and you'll get to witness with your own eyes the way it jump-starts her pussy. Speaking of, her sweet, tender pussy was so tight that she had to slooowly sit on Steven's cock until she got used to it. But it was hard for him to get used to how damn tight she was. I had to stop more times than usual so he wouldn't cum too early. I can't blame him.

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