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Nikki Rhodes

Nikki Rhodes Hardcore Remastered

Model: Nikki Rhodes

Release Date: 2020-08-02

This scene is devoted to Arnie, an ardent Barefoot Confidential fan who works at an adult store in the midwest. Arnie loves white sock on girls, so I hope this scene does the trick. Nikki and Steven had banged once before, but it was on the set where he couldn't really let loose. So Nikki was pleasantly surprised at the animal he unleashed on her today. She choked on his cock until she had tears running down her face and her mascara became a mess. Then he took her like a man possessed. Every time I left the room to get something, I came back to find them rutting like two animals in heat. "Hey," I said, "save it for the camera!" I needn't have worried, these two had plenty of extra energy. By the end of the scene her delicate pink pussy was swollen and red, and she was grinning ear to ear with cum dribbling out of her mouth!

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