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Ann Marie

Ann Marie Hardcore

Model: Ann Marie

Release Date: 2008-04-11

I've talked before about the difference in Ann Marie's appearance between the time she got into the business as the quintessential 18-year old Latina next door, and her current incarnation as a fit, 26-year old yoga devotee. Equally surprising to me was the difference in her sexual performance. Ann Marie was always hot to watch. But before, it was her cuteness and innocence that made it exciting. Eight years have transformed that young girl into a ravenous sexual animal. I didn't need to direct her at all. She dove into the sex with St. Croix with a ferocity that stunned me. Trying to shoot this movie was like trying to follow the Tasmanian Devil. It was a full impact tangle of limbs, sweat, and orgasmic shrieking. Unfortunately St. Croix was so excited that his aim was off for the cum shot and my camera found itself in the line of fire. I hope you guys appreciate the hazards I face to bring you the best foot porn in the world!

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