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Kylee Reese

Meet Kylee Reese Remastered

Model: Kylee Reese

Release Date: 2022-11-07

Some of you have been asking me to shoot a blonde for a change. Okay, this week you get your wish! Kylee is a natural blonde and has the blonde "peach fuzz" on her ass to prove it. Speaking of that ass... Oh my God! White girls aren't supposed to have meaty asses like this. She also has slightly meaty feet if you know what I mean. You do know what I mean don't you? She has meaty little toes, and some nice padding on the sole. Man, when she scrunches up those soles, the wrinkles will drive you crazy! On top of all this, Kylee's an absolute freak when it comes to sex. Listen to her interview and you'll see what I mean.

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