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Misty Anderson

Misty Anderson Soles on Glass Remastered

Model: Misty Anderson

Release Date: 2021-12-01

Misty admitted that her feet sweat a lot when she exercises. And when she's nervous! You can tell they're a little moist in this movie. You're gonna love Misty's puffy balls. That's right, I just coined a new foot fetish term, you can note it in Wikipedia. "Puffy balls" are when the ball of the foot have a lot of meat on them. This is attractive for a number of reasons. Looks-wise, it accentuates the arch and the base of the toes. They also feel hot to massage and squeeze, in the same way that fondling a nice, meaty ass is sexy. Enjoy seeing Misty's puffy balls squish down against the glass in this movie.

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