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Misty Anderson

Meet Misty Anderson Remastered

Model: Misty Anderson

Release Date: 2021-11-29

Man oh man, if you like fitness models, you�re gonna love Misty Anderson. She�s an amateur performer from the Chicago area with her own web site (mistyanderson.com). She�s only done a couple scenes so far. Luckily, thanks to some �inside connections,� I got her to agree to shoot for us. Misty is 5�9� with amazingly firm c-cup breasts, yet she wears a relatively petite size 7 shoe. She�s worked for years as a personal trainer. Maria Menendez is the interviewer here. She�s infatuated with Misty�s body. Who can blame her? You know, when I interview girls and fawn over their beauty, I end up sounding like a creep. But when Maria does the same thing, it�s just plain hot. By the way, can you guess what percent body fat Misty�s body is? You�ll find out in this movie!

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