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Lola Banks

Meet Lola Banks Remastered

Model: Lola Banks

Release Date: 2021-12-27

I liked Lola. She�s funny and honest to a fault. For example, as soon as she walked in my house she admitted that she�s been �eating too many Big Macs lately.� Indeed, she does have a little baby fat on her stomach. I thought it was kind of cute. This was supposed to be a masturbation segment, but Lola was so fun to interview that it turned into more of a monologue. You�ll love her true story of how a lifeguard at her daddy�s country club stole her virginity by telling her she had �nice eyes.� Yes guys, apparently that line actually works if the girl is young, inexperienced and horny enough! By the way, Lola asks if she should get a (excuse me while I vomit) boob job. Voice your opinion on our Foot Forum and I�ll be sure to forward your comments to her!

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