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Melanie Scott

Meet Melanie Scott Remastered

Model: Melanie Scott

Release Date: 2021-09-06

Melanie Scott is the kind of girl you want to marry. She�s tall (5�8�), gorgeous, and has amazing size 9 � feet. Her perfectly shaped toes almost make you forget that her feet are as big as they are. That is, until they�re in your face or stepping on you! At 25, Melanie is older than most girls in porn. That�s because she lost her virginity late (20), and then was in a four year relationship that bored the hell out of her. After she finally broke up with the guy, she vowed to have as many sexual experiences as she could before she settles down. Did I mention that she is only a part time porn star? She has a full time night job as an EMT, and is one year away from finishing nursing school! This is one smart cookie! Her mom is Brazilian, so that helps to explain her overactive sex drive. She�s single at the moment, so if you�re looking for the perfect wife, post your proposals on our Foot Forum!

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