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Layden Sin
Layden Sin

Layden Sin Hardcore Remastered

Model: Layden Sin

Model: India Summer

Release Date: 2022-04-10

Ah, the perils of living together. India comes home to find her roommate Layden snacking on her applesauce. This sort of aggression won't stand with India and earns Layden a spanking. Layden's eager to make it up to her and begins by kissing India's feet. That's a good start, but India's going to need a lot more from Layden: it's time to break out the toys! India doesn't fuck around; she breaks out the double-ended dildo and sucks on Layden's size 9s as she eases the toy into both of their pussies! After that, it's time to break out the battery-operated power toys; Layden's pussy may never be the same after India's done with it!

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